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Am I Job Ready? - Soft Skills Awareness and Development

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Am I Job Ready? [AIJR] is a professional readiness platform focused on soft skill development. Take an industry-recognized personality test and see your results across five different reports, all designed to help you understand what employers are looking for and to strengthen your professional image.

The reports highlight how your strengths and personality fit across different professional settings, and how others might perceive your likely leadership style. See how your personality aligns with those who work in a variety of different occupations.

AIJR also has a series of 16 skill development videos focused on competencies most critical to success in today’s workplace, things like Continuous Learning, Reliability, Teamwork, and Coping with Pressure. Each video is designed to help you prepare for high-stakes interviews and help you understand the type of questions you may be asked.

You must purchase AIJR separately and directly on their site. Click the Buy Now button below to be taken there. Once at the Am I Job Ready? landing page, click REGISTER to create your account and purchase your license. As a PSI test candidate, enter the code PSI-LA to bring the price to $13.30.

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