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Residential Construction Academy: Carpentry

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Floyd Vogt
800 Pages, Copyright 2016
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Developed in partnership with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and its Home Builders Institute (HBI), this book offers a visual, step-by-step approach to learning how to build a home, while guiding you through the development of essential workplace skills. RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY: CARPENTRY, 4E is constructed within a modular design, with current and concise information crafted logically to help you master the skills you need for professional success.From start to finish, this book systematically steps you through the construction industry, and the carpentry techniques, code requirements, and best practices associated with constructing a residential building, including coverage of tools and materials, rough carpentry, exterior and interior finishes and more.


  • BASED ON NATIONAL SKILL STANDARDS. The book is based on skill standards developed by construction professionals and educators through the workforce development arm of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the Home Builders Institute (HBI), thereby providing clear guidelines and expectations for individuals entering the workforce.
  • "KNOW YOUR CODES" FEATURES ENCOURAGE MASTERY OF LOCAL AND REGIONAL BUILDING CODES. These learning features prompt readers to research building codes that will impact each job, providing excellent practice for this critical on-the-job skill.
  • REMAINS CURRENT WITH GREEN BUILDING TECHNIQUES. Green Tips and Green Checklists highlight advice and current topics related to "green" construction methods.
  • A STRONG EMPHASIS ON SAFETY. Readers learn from insightful tips and precautions that are integrated throughout the book to help them develop careful practices.
  • "FROM EXPERIENCE" FEATURES OFFER PRACTICAL ADVICE FROM AN EXPERT CARPENTER. Integrated throughout the book, these tricks of the trade simplify complex techniques to help improve successful completion of procedures.
  • SPANISH GLOSSARY ALSO AVAILABLE. A Glossary combining English and Spanish terms with English defintition at the back of the book provides assistance to students for which English is their second language
  • A WEALTH OF SUPPORT MATERIALS ENHANCE TEACHING AND LEARNING. This book is part of a learning package that offers a wide range of support materials, including a workbook, instructor's resource guide, PowerPoint® presentations, testing materials, Image Library, DVDs, companion website, plus much more!

What's New

  • NEW PROCEDURES EMPHASIZE USING A CIRCULAR SAW, INSTALLING WINDOWS AND WATERPROOFING CHIMNEYS. Readers learn the latest techniques and processes to most effectively use a circular saw, install and flash windows, and waterproof a chimney with step and counter flashing.
  • NEWLY REVISED CHAPTER HIGHLIGHTS PROCEDURES AND PRECAUTIONS FOR JOB SITE SAFETY. Containing new information, this chapter emphasizes important components of safety on the job, including job site attitude, personal protective equipment, activity, housekeeping, electricity, hazardous materials, and fire prevention.
  • NEW INFORMATION DETAILS DRILL BITS, FASTENERS AND CRAWL SPACES. This edition reflects the latest industry practices, including information related to the choice of drill bits and fasteners as well as tips for working with crawl space foundations.
  • NEWLY REVISED "WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE" FEATURES REMIND READERS OF CODE AND SAFETY VIOLATIONS. Engaging, interactive features reinforce proper skills and adherence to codes, regulations and safety procedures

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