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Plumbing 101

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When you expect simple, straightforward explanations for real-world plumbing scenarios, look no further than PLUMBING 101, 6th EDITION. This book is the first-year title in a four-year series of plumbing apprentice training books developed in partnership with the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors (PHCC) Educational Foundation. The series takes a spiral approach to address critical plumbing concepts, in which topics are introduced in the first year book, and are revisited in more detail in subsequent books in the series. This is ideal for anyone new to the field, as it mimics the most common learning experience: as plumbing apprentices and professionals gain more field experience, they gain more in-depth knowledge. This first book encompasses both residential and commercial plumbing, with core content centering around basic plumbing principles and codes. Updates to the sixth edition include new sections on brazing safety procedures and water heaters, expanded content on plumbing rough-in practices and career path possibilities, and updates throughout to reflect emerging topics and technology in the plumbing field. The end result is a foundational book for new plumbing apprentices or professionals with more value than ever. 


  • Detailed illustrations clarify key concepts and facilitate the mastery of critical information.
  • Emphasis on real-world applications enables students to fully grasp the sometimes complex theory and codes that can be overwhelming otherwise.
  • Simple, straightforward explanations that use industry terminology familiarize students with important, up-to-date language that is used regularly in the field.

What's New

  • Expanded coverage of critical topics in a plumber’s everyday work and career, from plumbing rough-in practices to career path options.
  • All-new coverage of subjects including water heaters and brazing safety procedures.
  • Reorganized chapters allow for a smoother flow of ideas and concepts, and an enhanced learning experience.

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